Ochrona siedlisk mokradłowych doliny Górnej Biebrzy


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The project „Preservation of wetland habitats in the upper Biebrza Valley” LIFE11/NAT/PL/422 is co-financed by LIFE+ - the financial instrument of the European Commission, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Biebrza National Park.

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Welcome to our project web site

Welcome to our project web site.

Together, we are protecting wetlands (marshes, peatlands, swamps) – one of the most endangered ecosystems on our planet, also in Poland, also by the Biebrza River! Hoping for a fruitful cooperation with the local community, we trust that together we will manage to preserve the most precious elements of Biebrza nature.

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Osowiec - Twierdza 8
19-110 Goniądz

+48 85 738 06 20
+48 85 738 30 10

fax: +48 85 738 30 21




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8:00 - 15:00


CC 3.0: Preservation of wetland habitats in the upper Biebrza Valley
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