Ochrona siedlisk mokradłowych doliny Górnej Biebrzy


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The project „Preservation of wetland habitats in the upper Biebrza Valley” LIFE11/NAT/PL/422 is co-financed by LIFE+ - the financial instrument of the European Commission, the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and Biebrza National Park.




Valuable species of flora and fauna which can be found within the project area:

- Liparis loeselii  – It is a rare orchid species in danger of extinction. The Biebrza population counting over 10 thousand individuals belongs to the biggest in Poland;

- Bog Saxifrage – It is a glacial relic present in transitional and Sphagnum dominated peatlands, currently in danger of extinction;

- Aquatic Warbler – This incospicuous bird, similar in size to the House Sparrow is one of the rarest and globally endangered species of migratory birds. 25% of the global population of the Aquatic Warbler inhabit the Biebrza Marshes (about 2500 of singing males), which are their biggest refugium in the EU. 

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CC 3.0: Preservation of wetland habitats in the upper Biebrza Valley
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